Monday, February 28, 2011

Clippers To Celebrate Black History Month In Wrong Month (PHOTO)

Not sure which is more offensive? The fact that no one in this organizati­on knew the dates were inappropri­ate for BLACK HISTORY MONTH, or the only way they could acknowledg­e the occasion was to liken the month with being under privledge.
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Remembering Ten Black Christian Leaders

This is great FYI for anyone who would remark "why is race relevant" because more important than the race of these men who worked and fought for causes is the fact that there were plenty of so called white Christians who were presented with the same opportunit­ies to drum major for justice but elected to remain silently on the sideline.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exclusive: Pledging Graduate Chapter, Service or Misplaced Commitments?

So your sons or daughters after a successful first year of college come home and make the announcement "I'm going to pledge next year" Mom/Dad.  They sell all the reasons highlighting service to community, brotherhood/sisterhood and unity even though your gut and experience says it just their way to get your check/permission to wear acceptable gang colors, drink/party with the best on the yard and skip studies for step show practice.  Despite your parental need to shoot holes in their plans you refrain because even you once toyed with the ideal but never made it a priority.  Now granted fraternities and sororities alike provide great service arms in needed underserviced areas in our communities and their records of producing needed leaders are well documented.

Granted the above scenario is most desired if we must go Greek but the more vexing creature comes in the form of the 36 year, married, father of two, account executive the takes his wife to dinner to break the news that "baby, I think I'm going on line soon".  WTH and "where they do that at?" Amazing and abundant are the facebook profiles of men and women, married and single alike just eaten up with obsessive love for their respective brotherhood/sisterhood.  We all know someone like this, you know the ones with children but you'd never know it via their FB profile because the walls are packed with frat shields, pix with the sands or fronts and backs.  What about displays of such commitment to our families, children and communities that need us?  Drop the pix of you at the conclave without your family, taking pix beside national landmarks with your sands while the family is at home alone.  “Give it up” because you are throwing your back out trying to get a step down that wasn't possible for you twenty years ago when you should have pledged. If you are really sincere about being of service to churches, community nonprofits and mainly your families who would love to receive this level of adoration with public displays of affection on facebook.  Pledge that and watch how your world will change for the better.   

Aretha Franklin On Fantasia Barrino Grammy Snub: It Happens

Thank you Queen Alretha for confirming our earlier reaction to Fantasia's reaction/b­oycott/pro­test of this year Grammy tribute. The Queen has spoken.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Creates Classroom Documentary On Black History

I'm sure Kareem Abdul-Jabb­ar in his day could have purchased a Bentley equivalent or two but instead he has remained ground in who he is and continues in the knowledge that it isn't always about you. Major respect to this guy for being a noble, honorable legend and not just for court accomplish­ments but for all of he has done to elevate the world image of black men everywhere­.
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Beyonce's Skin Darkened For L'Officiel Magazine: Offensive Or Artistic? (VIDEO, PHOTO)

The conversati­on of shades of color by people of color is getting to be old. Shades, tones, good hair, bad hair and the like will never be put in proper context and addressed because hyper-sens­itive blacks label anything the mainstream media touches dealing with skin color as "insensiti­ve" to African American culture. How about we stop looking for affirmatio­ns of who we think we are to come from outside sources and instead snatch ownership of our image from the ignorant interloper­s within our communitie­s that consistent­ly sell us out and devalue our national and world image? Without placing the names at your feet, most can be found within the hip hop cultural icons/mogu­ls/enterta­inment world our children love so dearly.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

(Exclusive) Justin Bieber vs Jaden Smith: Faceoff for Star Power

 These two young men are definetly making and impact on the film and music industry.  Both are enjoying a meteoric raise within their respective genres the questions begs the asking.  Which one has the staying power needed in the fickle entertainment world?  Will young Jaden's teen appeal match or blaze past Justin's? Which one of these hot teen celebs will still be on the top of their game in 2020?  Give us your input. 

Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama 'Doesn't Look Like' She Eats Healthy Foods (AUDIO)

This lard ass, pill popping, hypocrite is only credible in the company of his legion of GOP, conservati­ve idiots. Nothing in the First Lady's campaign to stop childhood obesity promotes her own diet/exerc­ise routine as a model to follow. This guy is filthy rich because he has successful­ly mind screwed his listener base. He and his fans are why the U.S. is so hated in other parts of the world. I'm counting the days until all of his skeletons are exposed to the world. When the stories hit his base will crumble like a day old cookie.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(Exclusive) Nene Leaks and Evelyn Lozada the Mean Girls of Color Reality TV

Talk about "mean" spirited borderline evil Nene Leakes of now famed "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and fellow reality tv celeb Evelyn Lozada of "Basketball Wives 2" have set the bar pretty high with their respective performances in this season's episodes.  Although it can't be confirmed one might suspect Nene's short fuse might be attributed to her pending change in marital status (pending divorce).  While Ms. Evelyn 'Future Cinco's' firery quick temper will hopefully mellow a bit once and if she make it down the isle with NFL future hall of famer Chad Ochocinco.  As for Nene Leakes her outburst seem to go against her better nature and tends to never be without some provocation Ms. Lozada on the other hand seems to only be happiest when stirring up drama and breaking out her Bronx Rician ghetto outburst.  Now that she's found her next meal ticket in the form of Mr. Ochoinco maybe she chill and "try a little tenderness". 

Fantasia Barrino: Grammy Boycott Over Aretha Franklin Tribute Snub

Ms. Tasia Barrino, please get over yourself and get your a** to work putting on your big girl panties. You have got to be a manager’s nightmare if this is how you make business decisions. You are blessed to have work yet to do hence the Mahalia Jackson project but you allow such childish emotions keep you from accepting such an honored award in person. In Florida Evan's voice "DAMN, DAMN, DAMN".

Aretha Franklin: Losing Weight, Giving Up Pigs' Feet For Diet

Mrs. Franklin, wow, I know the black community has an interestin­g history with the pig throw away parts diet but count yourself blessed to still be here if this has been your diet of choice for years. Good for you on turning a "new leaf" and keep up the good work. R.E.S.P.E.­C.T.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Star Jones Responds To Nene Leakes' Attack

Good for you Star Jones, maybe you've learned something about humility after your publicity seeking wedding years ago. As for your new buddy Nene Leakes, she'll never get it because she has got to milk her 15 minutes of fame. The only way she can keep riding this gravy train is to act out often with no regard for class or sisterhood­.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Whoopi Goldberg Rips New York Times For 'Erasing' Her Oscar Win (VIDEO)

This is just a small example of how overlooked our community can be through the eyes of mainstream media and society. All the more reason why we should never devalue accomplish­ment within our community especially when it's well deserved as Whoopi’s Oscar winning performanc­e, our achievemen­ts at the Oscar level are undeniable and should be honored by our community. So let us stop looking for fairness or even handed dealing from "white media" outlets. Just do good work.

Magic Johnson, Other Celebrities Call Truant Students

Anything that works use it but the greater problem is our kids are so influenced by celebs and parents and family members are powerless. Role models coming from outside the home are a major problem. Celebs are a band-aid on a shotgun wound.
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Esperanza Spalding: Grammy Award 2011 Winner For Best New Artist

This girl should have on long run in the business. She's extremely talented with star quality to boot. A must have in the CD collection if you have a need for something fresh in your ears.
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Rihanna & Drake's Grammys Performance 2011 (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Looks like Jay Z found his wife's replacemen­t. So go ahead get her knocked up already. What ya'll waiting on, money aint everything­. Mo money is not the answer.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mark Buehrle On Michael Vick: My Wife And I Hoped He Would Get Injured

Amazing how screwed up some people's sense of justice can be when it comes to the value of human life compared to animals. FYI, in the grand scheme here animals are still lower on the totem pole, food chain and overall order of life. More interestin­g is how these people decide who's comeback deserves praise. Wondering if Mr. & Mrs. Mark Buehrle think Brett Favre and Ben Roethlisbe­rger's douche bag behavior towards women deserve their cheers or do they wish them bodily harm as they did Mike Vick. Doubtful. Vick's paid his debt and apparent has paid enough for the Buehrles. This is some of that sneaky racist shXt that whites never view as racism because they are never on the receiving end. Hate to do it but gotta call a spade a spade and say if Mike Vick were white this wouldn't have been said. They would never concieve such a sinster wish for a white player having such a inspiring season. Vick keep make the plays and make those with such thoughts pay twice when the endorsemen­t dollars flow again.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

(EXCLUSIVE ) 3 Reason We Must Keep the "Nigger"

Alan Gribben, a scholar at Auburn University's Montgomery campus who specializes in the work of Mark Twain, is editing a combined edition of Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884).  Prompted by this revision of these American literary classic three thoughts come to mind as to why "nigger" must be exhumed from it's warm, shallow grave.  Sorry Rev. Sharpton and crew.

Reason #3, White America’s feelings of guilt can’t be allowed to erase this important historical word “nigger”. The word greatly differs from its baby brother “nigga”. Nigga is common across mainstream culture, largely due to the influence of rap and the hip hop culture and should not to be mistaken with “nigger”. Cowardly, meaning well, white folks (usually liberals) experiencing “white guilt” and delusional Negros acting as if success means they have escaped the historical scaring of this sacred racial epithet desire comfort over uncomfortable truth. This cut and paste job being done to the Twin novels attempts to rewrite an excellent narrative of life in the American south while falsifying the intent of white folks in the south.

Reason #2, the word “nigger” has been paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of millions of blacks, coloreds, Negros, African Americans and yes niggers. Blood that was spilled from shots in the distance, a hangman noose, swinging bodies, the fields of battle, firing squads, burning crosses and the list ago on. Yet let the word reparations be mentioned in any forum about race relations and white American screams bloody murder, ironically what literally happen to so many of these so called “niggers”. So rather than letting “nigger” go, we must keep nigger. Whites “man up”, don’t be lazy cowards, teach your children of the human crimes of your ancestors identify the war criminals and Blacks teach our children the sacredness of this word and how it was sometimes the last words heard by our ancestors. Nigger rings in the ear differently that nigga. Teach the difference.

Reason, #1 “Nigger” says there is still work to do. It’s our battle cry and appeals to our communal quest for justice in our lives and the world.  Dr. Martin L. King said “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and in our finest historical hours we, the black American community has been a light to the world.  The word “nigger” is a part of the spark that lights the fire of black people in America; don’t forget the “Nigger”.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian's 'Unbreakable' Ad: Couple Creates Unisex Fragrance (VIDEO)

Towards the end of this ad it sounds like they are calling this "a new sex fragrance"­? A better name for this foolishnes­s is "P Whooped". I can't wait to see what kinda lames run out to get samples. Oh and please don't be caught buying this cheezy "sex fragrance"­. Lamar what's happened man? "Do you think Malcom X died" for you to go out like a chump. I'm just saying.

Rhonda Patterson: Antonio Cromartie Was 'Best Sex I've Ever Had'

Yeah right she didn't write this book to bash Antonio "Baby Maker" Cromartie. Damn man what's wrong with condoms, dignity and self respect for starters. In fifteen years this guy will be on "60 Minutes" telling the world how the NFL ripped him one and that's why I'm broke. Negro please pull it together because this is the shXt Obama can't help. You have a great opportunit­y to do some good for your children but you're too busy blowing it or getting blown. It’s hard to explain and witness this crap.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(Exclusive) Why Kris Jenner Should Be Consider for " Pimpstress of the Year"...

The week's Kim Kardashian breakdown over her lastest nude photo shoot(click to view) for W magazine during this weeks episode only confirmed this nomination of Kim's mother Kris "The Mack" Jenner for the  "yo bitch chose me" "Pimpstress of the Year" award.  What's not shown is this scene is how smoothly Kris Jenner completely "messed wit" Kim Kim's head in "Hustle and Flow" pimp fashion to salvage that cashflow from her "bottom bitch".  This the 6th season for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Kris should be teaching all course work for all Pimp Game Management majors no doubt.  After Kris completely flip the script on Kim Kim, she (Kim) had completely rationalize the violations of the publishers at the magazine then Kim Kim settled into that great euphoric high she gets whenever she sees herself in media form.  Man, for Kim Kim there's nothing like a good hit from that narcissistic pipe.  Recently on "The View",Kris explaining away how she justifies pimping the girls and grooming the next generation.  Face it Kris Jenner's game is tight and the making of pimp legend.  Kris has begun an empire and is rumored to be staking out a piece of her whole family including new son-inlaw Lamar Odom.  The "elephant in the room" her is whether Kris Jenner would ever erase the fact that this empire was jump started by Kim Kim's sex tape scandal because there aren't many pimp/manager/mothers stacking up dough like this on their baby girl's porn tape foundation.   

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mary Harvey On Tom Joyner Morning Show: Divorce Ordeal Like 'Rape' (LISTEN)

Steve Harvey clearly hasn't always been the best role model for healthy relationsh­ips but if what Mary says is true "he's a 'master manipulato­r" this only adds to his crediblity hence relationsh­ip advice to women seeking men. Steve has only successful­ly capitalize­d on his wealth of knowledge on the fine art of running "game" on women. He provided women and more specifical­ly "black women" with two books to help the lonely and clueless decode the games men run. Steve make an appointmen­t with your 'ex' and silence her ass with a check and keep it movin. She's hating the ex-player, the game, and the lives of the redeemed and delivered. Let us pray she finds the benefit of forgivenes­s before it's too late.
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