Monday, February 14, 2011

Whoopi Goldberg Rips New York Times For 'Erasing' Her Oscar Win (VIDEO)

This is just a small example of how overlooked our community can be through the eyes of mainstream media and society. All the more reason why we should never devalue accomplish­ment within our community especially when it's well deserved as Whoopi’s Oscar winning performanc­e, our achievemen­ts at the Oscar level are undeniable and should be honored by our community. So let us stop looking for fairness or even handed dealing from "white media" outlets. Just do good work.

Magic Johnson, Other Celebrities Call Truant Students

Anything that works use it but the greater problem is our kids are so influenced by celebs and parents and family members are powerless. Role models coming from outside the home are a major problem. Celebs are a band-aid on a shotgun wound.
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Esperanza Spalding: Grammy Award 2011 Winner For Best New Artist

This girl should have on long run in the business. She's extremely talented with star quality to boot. A must have in the CD collection if you have a need for something fresh in your ears.
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Rihanna & Drake's Grammys Performance 2011 (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Looks like Jay Z found his wife's replacemen­t. So go ahead get her knocked up already. What ya'll waiting on, money aint everything­. Mo money is not the answer.
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