Thursday, September 1, 2011

Katt Williams Apologizes For Anti-Mexican Statements

Looks like Katt Williams got just a little republicia­n on this one. Be careful don't want lose sponsors over one of you latin brothas.
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twelve Stars to Beyonce On "1+1"

“Historical­ly speaking I've never been a Beyonce fan but I'd buy a concert ticket on the the strenght of this song alone. It brings back the days when artist had something to say about love without making it all about sex and bump and grind. Here she shows it's much deeper than the pump and stroke of genitals, it's serious stuff. Twelve stars on this on girl and the video was artistical­ly simple but impacting in a world addicted to shock and aww.”

Rick Perry: Social Security A 'Monstrous Lie'

This man is soooooo Bush's mini-me it's ridiculous and Tea Baggers and GOP zombies are "all in" on this one. It's absolutely amazing how these two groups are so snowed into backing individual­s that could careless about their supporters­. This is a very dangerous time in American history unfolding before our very eyes. Please pay attention.
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a Thought Today

On this day 43 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King lost his life to an assassin’s bullet in Memphis TN.  Remember him today and find the spirit of Dr. King in yourself. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

(EXCLUSIVE) Three Young Celeb Train Wrecks Or Not?

Today's easy access to instant fame while in many ways can be a great thing it can also flip and become the proverbial "train wreck" nightmare for celebrities’ especially young celebs whose fame has come too fast or inheritance of celebrity.  Whatever the combination, with each instant of young celebrity we can't help but recount the soap operaish series of Lindsey Lohan and wonder who will be next?  Below are three baby celebs that came up on the Black American Opinion (BAO) radar.
Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana 

Little Ms. Mouthy Miley, suffers from a chronic case of diarrhea of the month, an inflated ego that's in need of a serious anchor to bring her back to earth if she in fact ever in her young life experienced gravity.  Granted she is a talented young woman but has gone unchecked for far too long.  Ok you are rich Hannah but damn, don’t get it confused “to whom much is given much is require” and the least you can do is be nice.  In Nashville and other cities she is becoming a real pain in the ass for service and waiter staffers everywhere.  She’s breaking her dad Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart”.
Bobbi Kristina Brown

Poor lil girl, genetics are a strong force with this one.  The heiress to what will be left of her celebrity parent's Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's cracked out throne she really didn't stand much of a chance.  Growing up in the "green rooms" of her parents she has seen a lot for her age and now it appears that she is starting to take up some of their drug hobbies according to numerous reports.  The sense is that Bobbi Kristina is just trying to find her own way and come out of the shadows of larger than life character celeb parents.  Hope she finds a better way to do it other than drugs and sex tapes.

Justin Bieber

Justin is probably the longer shot of the three for becoming a clichĂ© train wreck but the concern for him has to do more with the microwave success and randomness of it all.  His saving grace would appear to be that his mother is very involved with his day to day and he has a great mentor in R&B artist, producer Usher who can relate well due to his own meteoric success at a young age.  Although Justin's seems to have good people within his circle to keep him grounded some might say he is being given a long leash of freedom that can be dangerous for young men of means and opportunities and Justin certainly has plenty. 

Just a Thought Today

You can't be deprived of anything you haven’t already surrendered, don't let them take it

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a Thought Today

Sometimes the best fight in the battle to save our children is to stand still and let life teach them the best lessons. To do this can be painful and requires faith but pays the return on your investment. Be strong for your children and just do it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a Thought Today

There are season and cycles that we each experience in our daily journey.  Some of these cycles are good and some are bad but they are our journey.  Make the best of your unique journey by breaking the bad cycles to enhance the good cycles while helping others along the way.  You were abused as a child, so get help, don't abuse children and encourage every child you have access to instead.  Bottom-line here is we are all broken in some way but don't be defined by this brokenness.  Be a beckon to someone facing trails in their journey while building on little victories towards greater victories. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bikini-Clad Woman In Burger King Brawl Charged With Felony (VIDEO)

It has to be great being "ghetto" and "bama" at the same time. What freakin planet are we on? DAMN, DAMN, DAMN there are some things that take black folks back two hundred years and this sh*t qualifies as one. President Obama's historical presidency though significan­t can't blot out the frequency of these embarrassi­ng scenarios that are becoming an acceptable expectatio­n in our community. Wake up people.
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Foxy Brown -- Kicked Off Cruise After Nail Disaster

Foxy Brown -- Kicked Off Cruise After Nail Disaster
It is seriously irritating when "ghetto" is all you can do. No wonder her career is basically non-existent. How can you think you're a strong woman when you can't handle the disappointment of being denied a manicure? A "boss" businesswoman would have showed up on time in the first place. Go to a tech. school and get started on your next career Foxy Brown.

Just a Thought Today

Be a credit to your race today and not someone who devalues their own while having an incredible ability to sh*t on your own doorstep where your children play and call it the "hood" and blame the white man's system for what you do to yourself.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deion Sanders: Dez Bryant Needs Help

Here is one of the many reasons Deion Sanders will go down as one of the most influentia­l, positive forces and role models for men in the NFL. He does mix words and always keeps it "one hundred". Keep telling the truth Deion.
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

(EXCLUSIVE) President Obama goes President Bush on Reasons for U.S. Libyan Involvement.

The last two weeks have been a political cat rodeo for President Obama’s administration due mainly to his decision to stand with United Nations allies and aid in the liberation of Libya from bad man of the month Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

This move stinks of Bush like justifications that just don’t add up to a justifiable cause for military involvement in the region. Ironically years ago then Senator Obama stood tall and racked up mega political points when he and a minority of other legislators opposed the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq shortly after the 9/11 crisis. Now President Obama finds himself in a pickle that will surely come back to haunt him during election season 2012. Just as former President Bush pushed for military action in Afghanistan and later Iraq/Saddam Hussein today President Obama has signed off on joining allied forces to campaign for the removal of Momar Gaddafi.

Today’s situation mirrors President Bush’s decision exactly in the following five distinct ways 1) U.S. military intervention/involvement was done without, Congressional backing, 2) humanitarian effort is and was a farce, 3) Undocumented/certified proof of terrorist support from Gaddafi (as i.e. weapons of mass destruction), 4) Push to promote democracy over alleged brutal dictator, and last but most dangerous, 5) OIL, OIL, OIL.

The American voters are very forgiving of political leaders i.e. President Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal but the first black president will stand a hot dog’s chance at a cookout then to gain re-election to the highest office with the track record of his predecessor. This could be the fatal dagger to the heart of his re-election bid.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lawrence Taylor To Become Registered Sex Offender, Sentenced To 6 Years Probation

Not sure how someone of his status/cel­ebrity come to such a low but he got off light with the reduced charge. There are no winners in the situation especially the innocent guys serving hard time for felony charges but can't afford Lawrence Taylor's defense team.
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'Good Morning America' Trashed By Chris Brown: Singer Explodes Off Stage, Breaks Window

This is a prime example of why single women need help raising young men. Granted after two years the media should slow up on the Rihanna episode but manhood dictates putting your game face on for work. Chris Brown is acting out with the emotions of an adolescent girl PMS-ing for the first time. Can we say train wreck?
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amber Rose Talks Sex Tapes, Being A Teen Stripper

Casper the Friendly Stripper is on her job destroying the efforts of hard working women that are fighting to project postive images for women and not just black women. Young girls see Casper here and think the model for success is forget about school if you're cute, strip, be a groupie, snag a high profile man for a while maybe make a sex tape and it's on. Nothing in Ambers/Cas­per's past indicates this Sirius deal will last a year or maybe her next high profile "mark" is Jamie Foxx?
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Nate Dogg Songs & Videos: Late Singer, Snoop Dogg Collaborator's Best Music (AUDIO, VIDEO)

Nate Dog was a great addition to the whole LBC, 213, Chronic, west coast rap scene. His R&B vocals help elevate the west coast hip hop sound. R.I.P. Nate Dog.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Giving Back: How You And The Entertainment Community Can Help Struggling Families

Hats off to John Legend and any other celebritie­s that are willing to lend their talents to spotlight such a need cause and resource. Especially when our elected officials only show up on the education issues when it makes them the most political points. John Legend we need more black celebs like you.
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Usher Sex Tape For Sale: Report

I'm beginning to think the celeb sex tape thing is the celebrity equivalent to a 401K plan. This ideal of someone leaking a tape is bul*sh*t at this point. If you are a celeb and have made a sex tape you know what you're doing, it's a PR stunt and would not be surprised if PR firms don't start making this crap a part of their pitch. Maybe this will help increase ticket and CD sales for Bieber and Usher.
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Tyra Banks Enrolled At Harvard Business School

Tyra not a favorite to some but this Harvard University move has to be respected. Like her or not you have to respect anyone with her level of success taking such courageous step. Much respect and good luck to her.
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Amber Rose Reveals Her Weight, Asks 'How Am I Fat?'

This famous groupie might want to focus on building a personalit­y or some substains behind the sizzle of a hot young body. Beauty fades dear and if you don't find another high dollar arm to ride quickly you find that your 15 minutes is up. Also is it this picture or is Amber auditionin­g for the role of "Casper the Friendly Ghost". Come on Ma, pull it together if you can and don't take too long.

50 Cent's Japanese Earthquake Tweets Spark Outrage

This is why some people will eventually hit a bump in the road of life and no one will have any simpathy for them. It's sad to see the 50 Cents of the world get rich through rap/hip hop culture only to act out and provide living proof that money and success can't be replacemen­ts for education, class or humility. Karma is a "bitch" and Fifty needs a wake up call but he won't hear it because he thinks his money, hoes and clothes are the answers and key to happiness. He's money rich and morally bankrupt, ignorant and lost, a very sick combinatio­n. There more where he came from and it's sad to see.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

(Exclusive) Ochocinco Marries Evelyn Lozada, "Child Please"

Chad Ochocinco Johnson, a.k.a. "Ochocinco" and Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives are indeed engaged amid much speculation as to whether the ceremony will ever take place.  As for Ochocinco the future NFL Hall of Famer and probably one of the best receivers in the league today is no stranger to beautiful women, groupies, baby mamas and "jump offs" could do a lot worse with regard to exterior beauty by choosing Ms. Lozada (she is clearly easy on the eyes). On the other hand he should do himself a solid by prolonging the wifey search purely based on Evelyn's reality TV celebrity seeking year.  Granted she suffered image challenges mainly due to editing decisions of her show's producers but come on, there is only so much editing to be done.  Aside from the show her attention seeking became apparent when she twitted partially nudes photos of herself.  She knew then as she knows now what she is doing.  The same way she in this season's final episodes dropped the goods squarely in Cinco's bed on her alleged first visit.  Nothing in the way Mr. Ochocinco has handled his NFL career or his brand would indicate he is "green" enough to make the rookie mistake of bringing a groupie/jump-off of the NBA, reality celeb or not to "wifey" status.  As for the headlines reading "Ochocino marries Evelyn Lozada .....," we say in Cinco's voice "child please".

Friday, March 11, 2011

(EXCLUSIVE) Will the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Trump Charlie Sheen in U.S. Media?

Today’s earthquake tragedy in Japan is an eye opening reminder of how sensitive the scales of life and death can be despite all of our futile attempts to micro manage this speck of space we occupy from a universal view. As we hope and pray for the welfare of the Japanese people and the future of that region one can likewise hope that in America the media might calibrate their scales a bit and better channel what they call “news worthy” or “breaking news”. Let’s face it we live in a country that by some official standard is considers a major player in the global power game. Yet it is laughable to note that this same world power (America) with its media giants (CNN, Fox News, and three majors) that gave bastard births to media whore-junkies like Lady GaGa, Kim Kardashian and its latest baby-daddy creation Charlie Sheen. It’s an absolute disgrace that Lady GaGa ranks #1 as the most followed person on Twitter in the US while President Obama and Kim Kardashian are battling for position on Twitter depending on which day the wind blows up the skirt of Kim’s Channel dress in New York, during fashion week. Come on are we really serious as a nation or are we just playing games with ourselves while the rest of the world kicks our U.S. ass.
The U.S. media has done such a great job this week of convincing our young that this walking, breathing cluster called “Charlie Sheen” is real news they are begging for this clown to give commencement addresses at college graduations. What wrong with this picture? The U.S. media outlets, point blank. The media information hubs are leading American culture skipping down a roadway lined with ridiculous info/pop/shock a merical/news blend that grossly dumb down an already academically challenged “joe six pack” public. So how can we legitimately marvel at the clear ignorance displayed at beauty pageants question and answer sessions? Now as we follow the coverage of the crisis situation in Japan and view the constant streams of video footage, let us contemplate our own national dilemmas whether it is joblessness, violence or the U.S. education crisis. More importantly the media suits might have a change of heart and shift the gears of their information machinery and retool a bit and fashion their product in way that adds more substantive ingredients driven by educational facts and bypass the fillers of celebrity sensationalism new that fattens your profit margins while Main Street suffers bloated malnutrition.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

(Exclusive) Clearing Up Celebrity Cougar Foolishness

Hear Her Roar (THE BOSS)
Shaunie O'Neal (ex-wife of NBA star Shaquille O'Neal) reigns supreme in the hierarchy of the cougar kingdom for a few reasons mainly because she is choosing cougary as her prerogative rather than a desperation shot from behind the 3 point line like some of her contemporaries.  Look this woman has had the marriage and the kids and is financially stable.  Her hit VH1 show Basketball Wives will become her franchise and tie down any financial loose end if any exists.  If she has no aspiration for marriage in the near future who can blame her for enlisting the servicing of a young, scrapping buck for his 24 year old "beat down" and arm trophy services.  Bottom-line, Shaunie is a certified "Boss" in the cougar kingdom and appears to be very in touch with her status.  She's not playing games with herself or anyone else with regards to what she wants and gets out of the relationship, she's "crystal" on this point, so hear this MILF roar. 

We Get It
Now this is pure speculation/observation but Nick Cannon and Mrs. Cannon are truly in love.  Let's face it Nick Cannon by all societal measures is a serious "catch" in not just the black community but the world community.  Most women and some men would chew something off (you decide) for a shot at his title.  Why else would a 29 year old, successful, high profile, black male retire his player card to 11 years his senior Madame Butterfly?  One word "love".  Will this be his only marriage is debatable especially with Mariah's tendencies towards being "extra".  It's just not a good look for a middle aged mother of twins to sport the tight booty shorts on roller skates while singing the jiggle for Bubbas Car Wash but someone has to do it and Mrs. Cannon is known to make application for such jobs.  Her cougar card is very understandable and we get it because clearly that "clock" was ticking like "Big Ben" and Nick was willing to sign up for her course in "how extra can one woman be" for that we have to celebrate and enjoy their happiness. 
Now as for Vivica A. Fox 46, she might want to consider legally changing that name to "Vivica A. Fool"  because that's all she's going to be hearing as she walks down the street with her homecare aid/fiancĂ© Omar Whatever 27.  Seriously Ms. Fox this move is not a good look for you or any woman contemplating cougardom because it just simply feels desperate and we feel sorry for you. Ladies looking to go cougar don't be confused a true cougar is in control and not compromising on her real motivations.  If you're looking to get married (one that will last), have children, etc., by no means follow in Vivica's paw steps especially if you've never been married.  This Omar kid has everything to gain and nothing at risk in this scenario.  She's putting him on the map and he has pretty much said it himself.  Granted her career hasn’t been kicking ass as of late with her leading roles in high school type productions but come on Vivica "do you think Malcolm X died so you could look like a chump?"  Rule of thumb for ladies on the brink of cougarville, if you are 35 plus years old wanting marriage and kids don't even think about going cougar because it is a one way road to a dead end where you might find Vivica A. Fool and Omar Whatever getting it on in the back seat of a minivan.  Not good, continue with caution. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beyonce: I Gave Gaddafi's Concert Money To Haiti Relief

Granted the PR move for everyone is to distance themselves from this money and the "bad guy" of the month but true be told the fan's of Beyonce and others could give a flip because they aren't plug into world events at this level. So if these artist are rushing to write off these funds will government­s refuse crude oil for this region? Doubt it.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Clippers To Celebrate Black History Month In Wrong Month (PHOTO)

Not sure which is more offensive? The fact that no one in this organizati­on knew the dates were inappropri­ate for BLACK HISTORY MONTH, or the only way they could acknowledg­e the occasion was to liken the month with being under privledge.
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Remembering Ten Black Christian Leaders

This is great FYI for anyone who would remark "why is race relevant" because more important than the race of these men who worked and fought for causes is the fact that there were plenty of so called white Christians who were presented with the same opportunit­ies to drum major for justice but elected to remain silently on the sideline.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exclusive: Pledging Graduate Chapter, Service or Misplaced Commitments?

So your sons or daughters after a successful first year of college come home and make the announcement "I'm going to pledge next year" Mom/Dad.  They sell all the reasons highlighting service to community, brotherhood/sisterhood and unity even though your gut and experience says it just their way to get your check/permission to wear acceptable gang colors, drink/party with the best on the yard and skip studies for step show practice.  Despite your parental need to shoot holes in their plans you refrain because even you once toyed with the ideal but never made it a priority.  Now granted fraternities and sororities alike provide great service arms in needed underserviced areas in our communities and their records of producing needed leaders are well documented.

Granted the above scenario is most desired if we must go Greek but the more vexing creature comes in the form of the 36 year, married, father of two, account executive the takes his wife to dinner to break the news that "baby, I think I'm going on line soon".  WTH and "where they do that at?" Amazing and abundant are the facebook profiles of men and women, married and single alike just eaten up with obsessive love for their respective brotherhood/sisterhood.  We all know someone like this, you know the ones with children but you'd never know it via their FB profile because the walls are packed with frat shields, pix with the sands or fronts and backs.  What about displays of such commitment to our families, children and communities that need us?  Drop the pix of you at the conclave without your family, taking pix beside national landmarks with your sands while the family is at home alone.  “Give it up” because you are throwing your back out trying to get a step down that wasn't possible for you twenty years ago when you should have pledged. If you are really sincere about being of service to churches, community nonprofits and mainly your families who would love to receive this level of adoration with public displays of affection on facebook.  Pledge that and watch how your world will change for the better.   

Aretha Franklin On Fantasia Barrino Grammy Snub: It Happens

Thank you Queen Alretha for confirming our earlier reaction to Fantasia's reaction/b­oycott/pro­test of this year Grammy tribute. The Queen has spoken.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Creates Classroom Documentary On Black History

I'm sure Kareem Abdul-Jabb­ar in his day could have purchased a Bentley equivalent or two but instead he has remained ground in who he is and continues in the knowledge that it isn't always about you. Major respect to this guy for being a noble, honorable legend and not just for court accomplish­ments but for all of he has done to elevate the world image of black men everywhere­.
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Beyonce's Skin Darkened For L'Officiel Magazine: Offensive Or Artistic? (VIDEO, PHOTO)

The conversati­on of shades of color by people of color is getting to be old. Shades, tones, good hair, bad hair and the like will never be put in proper context and addressed because hyper-sens­itive blacks label anything the mainstream media touches dealing with skin color as "insensiti­ve" to African American culture. How about we stop looking for affirmatio­ns of who we think we are to come from outside sources and instead snatch ownership of our image from the ignorant interloper­s within our communitie­s that consistent­ly sell us out and devalue our national and world image? Without placing the names at your feet, most can be found within the hip hop cultural icons/mogu­ls/enterta­inment world our children love so dearly.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

(Exclusive) Justin Bieber vs Jaden Smith: Faceoff for Star Power

 These two young men are definetly making and impact on the film and music industry.  Both are enjoying a meteoric raise within their respective genres the questions begs the asking.  Which one has the staying power needed in the fickle entertainment world?  Will young Jaden's teen appeal match or blaze past Justin's? Which one of these hot teen celebs will still be on the top of their game in 2020?  Give us your input. 

Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama 'Doesn't Look Like' She Eats Healthy Foods (AUDIO)

This lard ass, pill popping, hypocrite is only credible in the company of his legion of GOP, conservati­ve idiots. Nothing in the First Lady's campaign to stop childhood obesity promotes her own diet/exerc­ise routine as a model to follow. This guy is filthy rich because he has successful­ly mind screwed his listener base. He and his fans are why the U.S. is so hated in other parts of the world. I'm counting the days until all of his skeletons are exposed to the world. When the stories hit his base will crumble like a day old cookie.
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