Sunday, March 14, 2010

(Exclusive) 5 Reasons White Women Want Black Men Today

Let’s just put it out there because I feel you Black sistas but I’m going to give you some straight talk on the white women loving the brothas and why it’s not going to get any easier for you.

Reason #1: The President of the United States of American is a brotha. On January 21st, 2009, brotha’s around the world stock jumped through the roof because a brotha “President Barrack Obama” became one of the most powerful and historical figures ever. When a black man was sworn to the highest office in this country he not only became president he made black men in this country, legitimate contenders for every seat/title/position of power. On top of that President Obama has done it with effortless class, style and grace. In short the he has brought black man “swagga” to the “White House”. The girl’s popz can no longer say “he’ll never be president”.

Reason#2: The Power of the Hip Hop Culture. Today every 21 year old white girl has grown up and never known a world without “hip hop”. Hip hop is weaved into every aspect of our daily lives, from music, fashion and communication. It has gone mainstream and it’s here to stay. These white girls sincerely love and support the culture just like black women, if you don’t believe me go to Jay-Z or Lil Wayne concert (when Wayne gets out). The fact to note here is the pioneers/authors/power brokers of this way of life are black men like Russell Simmons, Sean Combs “Diddy” and Jay-Z.

Reason#3: They see the “good guys”. If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times (from black women), “there are no good guys out here” and often times the next statement is “or there all with white women” well how can both statements be true. Could it be that you haven’t clearly defined what a “good guy” is/or what’s really important to you because it would seem that the only way black women can identify a “good guy” is if he’s with someone else or a white woman. Sistas, you have got to get clear because the white women are very clear on what they like, want and how they’re going to get it. I hear sistas all the time saying “look at these white bitches going after our men”. My question to you is why aren’t you doing the same? Drop the checklist of requirements and get in the game.

Reason#4: White Guys are Lame as Hell. Have you looked around at a 35-45 year old white guy lately, lame clothes, hair (if any), look and corny ass conversation, better yet, remember the character “Tom Cruise” played in “Tropic Thunder” ? Now you’re getting the picture. Yeah the money can be good but these overweight, balding, pale jerks have the nerve to only be interested in the 22 year old high school dropout, beach blonde, with the Dr. 90210 installed rack that tips the scales at 96 lbs. Compare this A-hole to a 50 year old Denzel Washington type brotha (and there are a lot of them out there) and tell me what would you do. That’s right, so these white women aren’t stupid, they’re coming with their “A-Game” and you better do the same.

Finally, Reason#5: The Black Man Swagga. Black men in all of our diversity have many of the characteristics used when describing the hip hop culture. In varying degrees we share the lyrical flow of communication, that pulsating rhythm of the street and the hint of unpredictable “edge” that keeps you longing for the next surprise. White women see all of these things and are drawn to us as you are for all the reasons you think. Yeah, they want that confidence, that energy, that heat and of course the infamous sexual beat down. That duality of the man about town that handles her with skilled mastery in the bedroom is what you all want, right? Stop lying, LOL. To break it down they want us now because it’s cool and ok to experience us now, they can be fearless with us because the thing (a black man) daddy feared most is her lover and protection. Truthfully, most brothas are going to stick with the sistras but real-talk, white women with black men is on the rise and forecasted to continue, so make it happen.