Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zero Tolerance for Black Representative's Blunders...November is Coming

This video below of Representative Hank Johnson, (D) from the state of Georgia questioning a high ranking military official makes a complete mockery of himself and the people he represent. This kind of blundering is something we can't afford to have happen on this administration’s watch because you'll notice the source of this video post isn't going to let this administration sleep. This kind of carelessness will be used to discredit Rep. Johnson and others like him in November. I'm not familiar with Congressman Johnson's record or his reputation so I'm not being critical for political point making but judging from the "salt and pepper" color of his hair. He should be well familiar with the rule we have in our community that says "we have to be twice as good as the other guy" to even get a seat at the table. That being said let's gut check any representative at every level when we have these slip ups. Yes the other guys have slip ups too, but their residual cost of such bloopers aren't nearly as expensive as ours. We have got to keep it real in that respect.