Monday, March 14, 2011

Giving Back: How You And The Entertainment Community Can Help Struggling Families

Hats off to John Legend and any other celebritie­s that are willing to lend their talents to spotlight such a need cause and resource. Especially when our elected officials only show up on the education issues when it makes them the most political points. John Legend we need more black celebs like you.
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Usher Sex Tape For Sale: Report

I'm beginning to think the celeb sex tape thing is the celebrity equivalent to a 401K plan. This ideal of someone leaking a tape is bul*sh*t at this point. If you are a celeb and have made a sex tape you know what you're doing, it's a PR stunt and would not be surprised if PR firms don't start making this crap a part of their pitch. Maybe this will help increase ticket and CD sales for Bieber and Usher.
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Tyra Banks Enrolled At Harvard Business School

Tyra not a favorite to some but this Harvard University move has to be respected. Like her or not you have to respect anyone with her level of success taking such courageous step. Much respect and good luck to her.
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Amber Rose Reveals Her Weight, Asks 'How Am I Fat?'

This famous groupie might want to focus on building a personalit­y or some substains behind the sizzle of a hot young body. Beauty fades dear and if you don't find another high dollar arm to ride quickly you find that your 15 minutes is up. Also is it this picture or is Amber auditionin­g for the role of "Casper the Friendly Ghost". Come on Ma, pull it together if you can and don't take too long.

50 Cent's Japanese Earthquake Tweets Spark Outrage

This is why some people will eventually hit a bump in the road of life and no one will have any simpathy for them. It's sad to see the 50 Cents of the world get rich through rap/hip hop culture only to act out and provide living proof that money and success can't be replacemen­ts for education, class or humility. Karma is a "bitch" and Fifty needs a wake up call but he won't hear it because he thinks his money, hoes and clothes are the answers and key to happiness. He's money rich and morally bankrupt, ignorant and lost, a very sick combinatio­n. There more where he came from and it's sad to see.

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