Tuesday, March 16, 2010

President Obama's Healthcare reform proposal in on Life Support

Healthcare reforms failure will only highlight the ignorance of mainstream America. Granted nothing under the sun is perfect, including the proposal that’s being put forth but can’t we find the best, agreeable portions of this reform effort and get something for the American people. Often we hear “this is the best healthcare system in the world” (a complete falsehood) and yes it is for the big pharmaceutical corporations that play an expensive game of patty cake with the medical insurance industry. They play at our expense and confuse the issue by labeling the proposed plan as “socialized medicine”, when in reality the cost of the current system is paid for by those who are insured and can afford to pay. This current fight that’s going on is frustrating to watch because the media and big corporations have distorted the truth to protect their need for profits and if we go through this push for reform without anything that benefits the America people. Millions of families will continue to be bankrupted by the current system as status quo. When will a ray of hope shine for “middle” America in this mess? This reform package is on life support and the “pro-lifers” are reaching for the plug.