Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama: Tea Party Has Valid Concerns But Are on the 'Fringe'

Obama: Tea Party Has Valid Concerns But Are on the 'Fringe'

Howard Stern: Taking Shots at Jamie Foxx, Implying Homosexuality

Howard Stern: Taking Shots at Jamie Foxx, Implying Homosexuality

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

President Obama's Healthcare reform proposal in on Life Support

Healthcare reforms failure will only highlight the ignorance of mainstream America. Granted nothing under the sun is perfect, including the proposal that’s being put forth but can’t we find the best, agreeable portions of this reform effort and get something for the American people. Often we hear “this is the best healthcare system in the world” (a complete falsehood) and yes it is for the big pharmaceutical corporations that play an expensive game of patty cake with the medical insurance industry. They play at our expense and confuse the issue by labeling the proposed plan as “socialized medicine”, when in reality the cost of the current system is paid for by those who are insured and can afford to pay. This current fight that’s going on is frustrating to watch because the media and big corporations have distorted the truth to protect their need for profits and if we go through this push for reform without anything that benefits the America people. Millions of families will continue to be bankrupted by the current system as status quo. When will a ray of hope shine for “middle” America in this mess? This reform package is on life support and the “pro-lifers” are reaching for the plug.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

(Exclusive) 5 Reasons White Women Want Black Men Today

Let’s just put it out there because I feel you Black sistas but I’m going to give you some straight talk on the white women loving the brothas and why it’s not going to get any easier for you.

Reason #1: The President of the United States of American is a brotha. On January 21st, 2009, brotha’s around the world stock jumped through the roof because a brotha “President Barrack Obama” became one of the most powerful and historical figures ever. When a black man was sworn to the highest office in this country he not only became president he made black men in this country, legitimate contenders for every seat/title/position of power. On top of that President Obama has done it with effortless class, style and grace. In short the he has brought black man “swagga” to the “White House”. The girl’s popz can no longer say “he’ll never be president”.

Reason#2: The Power of the Hip Hop Culture. Today every 21 year old white girl has grown up and never known a world without “hip hop”. Hip hop is weaved into every aspect of our daily lives, from music, fashion and communication. It has gone mainstream and it’s here to stay. These white girls sincerely love and support the culture just like black women, if you don’t believe me go to Jay-Z or Lil Wayne concert (when Wayne gets out). The fact to note here is the pioneers/authors/power brokers of this way of life are black men like Russell Simmons, Sean Combs “Diddy” and Jay-Z.

Reason#3: They see the “good guys”. If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times (from black women), “there are no good guys out here” and often times the next statement is “or there all with white women” well how can both statements be true. Could it be that you haven’t clearly defined what a “good guy” is/or what’s really important to you because it would seem that the only way black women can identify a “good guy” is if he’s with someone else or a white woman. Sistas, you have got to get clear because the white women are very clear on what they like, want and how they’re going to get it. I hear sistas all the time saying “look at these white bitches going after our men”. My question to you is why aren’t you doing the same? Drop the checklist of requirements and get in the game.

Reason#4: White Guys are Lame as Hell. Have you looked around at a 35-45 year old white guy lately, lame clothes, hair (if any), look and corny ass conversation, better yet, remember the character “Tom Cruise” played in “Tropic Thunder” ? Now you’re getting the picture. Yeah the money can be good but these overweight, balding, pale jerks have the nerve to only be interested in the 22 year old high school dropout, beach blonde, with the Dr. 90210 installed rack that tips the scales at 96 lbs. Compare this A-hole to a 50 year old Denzel Washington type brotha (and there are a lot of them out there) and tell me what would you do. That’s right, so these white women aren’t stupid, they’re coming with their “A-Game” and you better do the same.

Finally, Reason#5: The Black Man Swagga. Black men in all of our diversity have many of the characteristics used when describing the hip hop culture. In varying degrees we share the lyrical flow of communication, that pulsating rhythm of the street and the hint of unpredictable “edge” that keeps you longing for the next surprise. White women see all of these things and are drawn to us as you are for all the reasons you think. Yeah, they want that confidence, that energy, that heat and of course the infamous sexual beat down. That duality of the man about town that handles her with skilled mastery in the bedroom is what you all want, right? Stop lying, LOL. To break it down they want us now because it’s cool and ok to experience us now, they can be fearless with us because the thing (a black man) daddy feared most is her lover and protection. Truthfully, most brothas are going to stick with the sistras but real-talk, white women with black men is on the rise and forecasted to continue, so make it happen.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

T-Pain's, Freaknik: The Musical, MUST DIE

If you haven’t already seen "Freaknik: The Musical" (find at, and witnessed what happens when we don’t pass on the history of our struggle in this country. T-Pain’s animation series “Freaknik: The Musical", demonstrates how instant, undeserved, misguided fame is allowed to run unchecked in our community. T Pain and other performers (not mentioned) I would like to say have gotten it confused, but judging from this ridiculous attempt to provide comedic adult entertainment has only shown just how pathetically disrespectful and ignorant they are with no excuse. This series plays into every possible stereotype that our people have fought and died to vanish from our community so that we might not be judged by the deeds of the few. Granted T-Pain and his crew don't represent the whole of the black community but because of his celebrity status and resources they've garnered enough support with the help of Verizon (an advertiser on this series) to produce and promote a product that suggest that all a young man should want is “money, clothes and hoes”, while our women can go work for a “rich, fat, white man or be an ex-stripper”. This careless behavior isn’t clever and is treasonous to the black community. If it were possible to turn back the clock and snatch success for an individual today, Mr. T- Pain would get my vote, without hesitation. This series in my opinion is just that injurious to our community and we should boycott anything T-Pain does until he receives some deprogramming. The problem with T-Pain and other insta-celebs (instant celebrities) they think by virtue of the money and the fame there’s no obligation to forge ahead with any level of responsibility. It’s as if the money and V.I.P. status renders them exempt from applying new bricks and mortar around the cornerstones laid by Cab Callaway, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Chuck Berry, BB King, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson. How can we stop this now and in the future because this represents our most pressing issues in our community as we move forward? We have our first black president and we know better.

Monday, March 8, 2010

(Exclusive) "Best Supporting Actress" Mo’nique, for living in truth the way millions wish they could.

First things first let me say congrats to Mo’nique on the Oscar win for "Best Supporting Actress", 2010. I’ve just become a super-sized Mo’nique fan for more reasons than the Oscar win. I must preface everything I’m about to say and admit that I’ve never really been a fan at all. In the past I felt her standup routines were pushed, over the top and stocked with unnecessary nasty fillers substituting for comedic talent. I’m not an entertainment expert so push my opinion of the routine aside.
I love her now for her commitment to living and being on her own terms. I never do this but I went out of my way last night to record her much talked about Barbara Walters Special interview. The interview started a buzz after Barbara plugged the Oscar night interview on her daytime talk show “The View”. During the plug Barbara mentioned that Mo’nique has an open marriage that would not end because her husband had sex outside of the marriage. Well because I’m suspicious when the media uses sound bites as a means of promotion I had to see it for myself and I must say the spot earned Mo’nique major cool points with me and was “as advertised”.
There are three reasons I love Mo’nique right now, first and foremost I admire when people find the strength to boldly live in the truth of who they are and make no apologies. Man or woman it doesn’t matter because when you can tap into that I think you can experience freedom/life in a unique way.
The second reason she’s getting these cool points is the way she’s handled herself with the media from red carpets to her acceptance speeches. She has clearly displayed authentic humility even though she’s from the “B-more” and she’ll “cut a bitch”. She is grounded and not changed by the Hollywood B.S.; just check her swagger as she hits the red carpet with hairy legs. Indifferent to all the media fallout, she hasn’t switched it up to suit flip floppy mainstream interest. She’s rooted in being authentic and real.
Finally her candid disclosure of the personal marital contract to the public deeply struck me as inspiring and something worthy of envy by others involved in committed relationships and marriages. Through years of life experience and disappointment Mo’nique has applied a level of wisdom uncommon in the world today. Because of her willingness to be absolute and not selective in her application of truth she has opened up a level of intimacy in her marriage/relationship that has wowed the hell out of me. I hear you out there saying “of course every man would love the Mo’nique setup”, a license to openly partake in a sex on the fly agreement. Well I’m going to say yes, there are plenty of men and women that if given that option would take it. However, I believe what people really want is the freedom to be their authentic selves without fear of judgment or rejection. People want to experience that more because it’s more intimate and last a lot longer than the occasional split/hit/forget with a “jump off.” Let’s face it, many of you are already in an arrangement where he/she will take the occasional hit and run whether you agree with it or not. Yet you are powerless to make a decision about it because you fear the “truth”. In your relationship are you truly your authentic self? Is your partner his/her authentic self? How do you know? Or was Mo’nique’s interview a PR strategy? Black American Opinion

Friday, March 5, 2010

Village where are our black children?

Yesterday, on a return from a mid morning coffee run I began to notice a sprinkling of school aged kids, scattered about the neighborhood (I live in the "hood"). As I continued to drive the more pronounce the street presence of these black school children became. I began to count them in my progression and by the count of eight I searched for reasons that might explain only remembering the school buses I saw running their usual schedules. At a head count of 12 and a block from my house I spotted number 13 on a shooter, black hooded, male black, approximately 11 years old and I just had to stop. I carefully pulled up curbside, let down the window and asked, "Hey, little man, is school opened today? He answered yeah, with hesitation in his voice. I pressed on, "so why aren't you in school?" He came right back with "I missed the bus and my momma didn't feel like taking me." I'm sitting there drying my teeth in disbelief almost told the kid to go get your books and I will take you, but decided against it for fear of being labeled a kidnapper. If it truly take a village to raise a child, Why are the village children roaming the street during prime learning time, while the elders are driving around clueless? This is an issue President Obama's education initiatives can't help if we the elders aren't holding up our end of the deal. Ironically, the "village to raise a child" proverb's origin is Africa and as descendents of Africa some could call us hypocritical in our finger pointing and blaming of a education system/schools that we can't facilitate getting our children to answer "present" when attendance is called. What can we do to do better in this area? Many of the actions require no funding, but discipline and will. Is this worth doing or will we leave this for the “good white folks” to do for us and blame them later for trying?