Monday, April 26, 2010

How Does It Feel to Be a Black, Female, Single Problem?

Although the conversation is getting old because nothing concrete ever comes of it, I think it's worth having. The "black family" is becoming extinct and here lies the greatest concern for our community. There are multiple problems that contribute to the demographic statics but there has to be a committment to addressing the problems at a very personal level. One consistant theme I find in having "the conversation" is that black women are given to listening mainly to others sharing their view/challenges and completely discounting the input of men willing to honestly share their perspective.
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"By the Time I Get to Arizona" -- This Discrimination Must Stop

Although blacks in this country have and continue to be victimized by laws embedded with racial profiling coding, this new Arizona is so discriminatory that it cries for mobilization of every self repecting minority group. These AZ state legislators are so bold that they aren't even attempting to dress this up. They've basically fired one over the walls to see how ready we are come November's election season. Mark my words "this Nov. will go down in American history as one of the most turbulent election seasons since the late sixties".
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