Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jesse Jackson, Old School Hater/Old Sly Fox???

Ok now that the dust has settled somewhat around the crude comments made by Rev. Jesse Jackson on Fox News Network a few weeks ago. What do we know and what does any of this have to do with the goal of the Obama agenda.
Firstly, we all know that Rev. Jackson has been in the game of pushing the agenda (whether agreed or otherwise) of blacks and minorities for forty plus years. It’s hard and almost impossible to conceive the thought that Rev. Jackson is this stupidly careless with his choice of words and more importantly indifferent to the venue (audience) Fox News (a right wing conservative news outlet). Hot or cold microphone aside we can’t be convinced that a pro like Jesse believed he could waltz into this right wing den of hounds and believe he had a pass to drop words so loosely. If he really did think that was possible, I’m embarrassed for him and for every African-American that considers Jesse our leader. At this level and with what‘s at stake, leaders regardless of color can’t operate with such a gross lapse of judgment and self-discipline. If this is the case Jesse will have to go down in black history’s top ten “play haters” list. When stakes are this high everything is a part of the overall plan and strategy and because this is so we know Rev. Jackson must be the “Old Sly Fox”. Obama’s camp has from the very beginning distanced their agenda and platform from Rev. Jackson and the old school rank and file civil rights activist and their extreme outdated strategies and smartly so. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D) IL is a key component within the Obama camp working to promote the electability of Barrack Obama. Therefore, would it make sense for young Jesse to have conversations with big Jesse about how to swing some of that Middle American “white vote” around Obama’s way? Is there anyone that sincerely thinks this couldn’t happen? This election will be fought and won over this critical segment of voters (white Middle America) and Jesse’s actions only created more perceived separation between “old school” black leader agendas and the “new school” progressive black agenda. In addition, Jesse pointed whites to an Obama speech to a black church/Father’s Day speech that in no way depicted “down talkin to black folk” , but instead showed a black man saying things that Middle America whites think already and were glad he said it. Hence, maybe they’re so glad that come November they will be prompted to vote for “Change”. Jesse, like the “Sly Fox” is helping a younger faster fox hunt for votes by flushing the white votes out of the thicket.