Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amber Rose Talks Sex Tapes, Being A Teen Stripper

Casper the Friendly Stripper is on her job destroying the efforts of hard working women that are fighting to project postive images for women and not just black women. Young girls see Casper here and think the model for success is forget about school if you're cute, strip, be a groupie, snag a high profile man for a while maybe make a sex tape and it's on. Nothing in Ambers/Cas­per's past indicates this Sirius deal will last a year or maybe her next high profile "mark" is Jamie Foxx?
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Nate Dogg Songs & Videos: Late Singer, Snoop Dogg Collaborator's Best Music (AUDIO, VIDEO)

Nate Dog was a great addition to the whole LBC, 213, Chronic, west coast rap scene. His R&B vocals help elevate the west coast hip hop sound. R.I.P. Nate Dog.
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