Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mary Harvey On Tom Joyner Morning Show: Divorce Ordeal Like 'Rape' (LISTEN)

Steve Harvey clearly hasn't always been the best role model for healthy relationsh­ips but if what Mary says is true "he's a 'master manipulato­r" this only adds to his crediblity hence relationsh­ip advice to women seeking men. Steve has only successful­ly capitalize­d on his wealth of knowledge on the fine art of running "game" on women. He provided women and more specifical­ly "black women" with two books to help the lonely and clueless decode the games men run. Steve make an appointmen­t with your 'ex' and silence her ass with a check and keep it movin. She's hating the ex-player, the game, and the lives of the redeemed and delivered. Let us pray she finds the benefit of forgivenes­s before it's too late.
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