Friday, March 11, 2011

(EXCLUSIVE) Will the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Trump Charlie Sheen in U.S. Media?

Today’s earthquake tragedy in Japan is an eye opening reminder of how sensitive the scales of life and death can be despite all of our futile attempts to micro manage this speck of space we occupy from a universal view. As we hope and pray for the welfare of the Japanese people and the future of that region one can likewise hope that in America the media might calibrate their scales a bit and better channel what they call “news worthy” or “breaking news”. Let’s face it we live in a country that by some official standard is considers a major player in the global power game. Yet it is laughable to note that this same world power (America) with its media giants (CNN, Fox News, and three majors) that gave bastard births to media whore-junkies like Lady GaGa, Kim Kardashian and its latest baby-daddy creation Charlie Sheen. It’s an absolute disgrace that Lady GaGa ranks #1 as the most followed person on Twitter in the US while President Obama and Kim Kardashian are battling for position on Twitter depending on which day the wind blows up the skirt of Kim’s Channel dress in New York, during fashion week. Come on are we really serious as a nation or are we just playing games with ourselves while the rest of the world kicks our U.S. ass.
The U.S. media has done such a great job this week of convincing our young that this walking, breathing cluster called “Charlie Sheen” is real news they are begging for this clown to give commencement addresses at college graduations. What wrong with this picture? The U.S. media outlets, point blank. The media information hubs are leading American culture skipping down a roadway lined with ridiculous info/pop/shock a merical/news blend that grossly dumb down an already academically challenged “joe six pack” public. So how can we legitimately marvel at the clear ignorance displayed at beauty pageants question and answer sessions? Now as we follow the coverage of the crisis situation in Japan and view the constant streams of video footage, let us contemplate our own national dilemmas whether it is joblessness, violence or the U.S. education crisis. More importantly the media suits might have a change of heart and shift the gears of their information machinery and retool a bit and fashion their product in way that adds more substantive ingredients driven by educational facts and bypass the fillers of celebrity sensationalism new that fattens your profit margins while Main Street suffers bloated malnutrition.