Monday, January 31, 2011

Memphis Merger Fight Revives Old Desegregation Debate

If you've spent an hour in Memphis you know the there is plenty of stress in the air regarding race relations. I can't prove it but judging from personal experience I would venture to say Memphis ranks in the top ten of racially divided cities in the US.
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Diddy On Obama: Calls Out President, Asks To 'Do Better' For Black People

Diddy needs to keep that fake political pundant ass on the bench. These statements if true are childishly stupid and show a level of rich ignorance. Just be quite and buy your son another 300K car. President Obama would have never gotten elected to office running on a platform base on the needs of the black community only. Instead of dabbling in political talking points try marrying one of those "baby mommas" and help the black male image in American.
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Arne Duncan, Spike Lee Urge Black Men To Become Teachers

Spike Lee has been on point concerning education and young people in our community for some time now and our folk are not listening. I'm afraid that young blacks now consider Spike and our generation the old guys. I'm starting to feel  like Dr. Bill Cosby every day. I believe both of these men can be consider "strong black men" and no one takes them serious when they speak the truth. A sad testiment to our community.
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