Monday, January 31, 2011

Memphis Merger Fight Revives Old Desegregation Debate

If you've spent an hour in Memphis you know the there is plenty of stress in the air regarding race relations. I can't prove it but judging from personal experience I would venture to say Memphis ranks in the top ten of racially divided cities in the US.
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Diddy On Obama: Calls Out President, Asks To 'Do Better' For Black People

Diddy needs to keep that fake political pundant ass on the bench. These statements if true are childishly stupid and show a level of rich ignorance. Just be quite and buy your son another 300K car. President Obama would have never gotten elected to office running on a platform base on the needs of the black community only. Instead of dabbling in political talking points try marrying one of those "baby mommas" and help the black male image in American.
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Arne Duncan, Spike Lee Urge Black Men To Become Teachers

Spike Lee has been on point concerning education and young people in our community for some time now and our folk are not listening. I'm afraid that young blacks now consider Spike and our generation the old guys. I'm starting to feel  like Dr. Bill Cosby every day. I believe both of these men can be consider "strong black men" and no one takes them serious when they speak the truth. A sad testiment to our community.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

If You are Really a Grown Ass Man/Women...

If you saying "I'm a grown ass man/woman" it's because your actions indicate something quite different.  Grown ass people really never need to this phrase to validate anything they do.  Think about that before saying it or run the risk sounding as foolish as these popular people.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Toni Braxton Needs Someone to Manage Her Finances

Songstress Toni Braxton will probably cut a deal to pose for Playboy because she needs the "benjamins" but thinking short term will probably cause her to miss out on other endorsement opportunities.  The autism ads are still running and I hope she can keep them.

Ted Williams is President Obama's Stunt Double

I'm I the only see how simular "redemption story"  Ted Williams and President Obama are to each other?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

MSNBC Hires Ted Williams, 'Golden-Voiced' Homeless Man, For Voiceovers

A great story and I pray that he can keep it together. It's tough out here especially for those needing a second chance.
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T.I. -- Prison Punishment for 'Frisky' Acts with Wife

How much time is T.I. willing to do for Mrs. Tiny? She must really have the "good, good".
T.I. -- Prison Punishment for 'Frisky' Acts with Wife

Pennsylvania Parents Sue Lower Merion School District For Wrongly Classifying Children As Special Needs Students

Although this is clearly fowl and unjust it highlights the importants of parental involvemen­t in public education especially­. Engaged, proactive parents will keep this from happening on their watch. Please get your head our of your asses black families and make thing right for our kids.
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Eddie Murphy's Ex-Wife Nicole Blew Through $15 Million In 4 Years, Is Broke: Report

She has blown $312,500 a month over a four year period. Now Michael if he marrys the woman will be in divorce court inside 36 months. Eddie this is great material for a standup comeback. Get to work man.
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Raven-Symone Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss, Talks Body (PHOTOS)

She'll be back big as every at a Pinkberry near you by 2012.
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New 'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Nicole: 'I've Hooked Up With Three Guys In One Night'

Not a good look for the ladies out there. This kind of informatio­n should be taken to the grave if your ever want a relationsh­ip in the future. No class. "I'm just saying".
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