Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bikini-Clad Woman In Burger King Brawl Charged With Felony (VIDEO)

It has to be great being "ghetto" and "bama" at the same time. What freakin planet are we on? DAMN, DAMN, DAMN there are some things that take black folks back two hundred years and this sh*t qualifies as one. President Obama's historical presidency though significan­t can't blot out the frequency of these embarrassi­ng scenarios that are becoming an acceptable expectatio­n in our community. Wake up people.
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Foxy Brown -- Kicked Off Cruise After Nail Disaster

Foxy Brown -- Kicked Off Cruise After Nail Disaster
It is seriously irritating when "ghetto" is all you can do. No wonder her career is basically non-existent. How can you think you're a strong woman when you can't handle the disappointment of being denied a manicure? A "boss" businesswoman would have showed up on time in the first place. Go to a tech. school and get started on your next career Foxy Brown.

Just a Thought Today

Be a credit to your race today and not someone who devalues their own while having an incredible ability to sh*t on your own doorstep where your children play and call it the "hood" and blame the white man's system for what you do to yourself.