Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Creates Classroom Documentary On Black History

I'm sure Kareem Abdul-Jabb­ar in his day could have purchased a Bentley equivalent or two but instead he has remained ground in who he is and continues in the knowledge that it isn't always about you. Major respect to this guy for being a noble, honorable legend and not just for court accomplish­ments but for all of he has done to elevate the world image of black men everywhere­.
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Beyonce's Skin Darkened For L'Officiel Magazine: Offensive Or Artistic? (VIDEO, PHOTO)

The conversati­on of shades of color by people of color is getting to be old. Shades, tones, good hair, bad hair and the like will never be put in proper context and addressed because hyper-sens­itive blacks label anything the mainstream media touches dealing with skin color as "insensiti­ve" to African American culture. How about we stop looking for affirmatio­ns of who we think we are to come from outside sources and instead snatch ownership of our image from the ignorant interloper­s within our communitie­s that consistent­ly sell us out and devalue our national and world image? Without placing the names at your feet, most can be found within the hip hop cultural icons/mogu­ls/enterta­inment world our children love so dearly.
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