Monday, February 7, 2011

Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian's 'Unbreakable' Ad: Couple Creates Unisex Fragrance (VIDEO)

Towards the end of this ad it sounds like they are calling this "a new sex fragrance"­? A better name for this foolishnes­s is "P Whooped". I can't wait to see what kinda lames run out to get samples. Oh and please don't be caught buying this cheezy "sex fragrance"­. Lamar what's happened man? "Do you think Malcom X died" for you to go out like a chump. I'm just saying.

Rhonda Patterson: Antonio Cromartie Was 'Best Sex I've Ever Had'

Yeah right she didn't write this book to bash Antonio "Baby Maker" Cromartie. Damn man what's wrong with condoms, dignity and self respect for starters. In fifteen years this guy will be on "60 Minutes" telling the world how the NFL ripped him one and that's why I'm broke. Negro please pull it together because this is the shXt Obama can't help. You have a great opportunit­y to do some good for your children but you're too busy blowing it or getting blown. It’s hard to explain and witness this crap.