Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(Exclusive) Nene Leaks and Evelyn Lozada the Mean Girls of Color Reality TV

Talk about "mean" spirited borderline evil Nene Leakes of now famed "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and fellow reality tv celeb Evelyn Lozada of "Basketball Wives 2" have set the bar pretty high with their respective performances in this season's episodes.  Although it can't be confirmed one might suspect Nene's short fuse might be attributed to her pending change in marital status (pending divorce).  While Ms. Evelyn 'Future Cinco's' firery quick temper will hopefully mellow a bit once and if she make it down the isle with NFL future hall of famer Chad Ochocinco.  As for Nene Leakes her outburst seem to go against her better nature and tends to never be without some provocation Ms. Lozada on the other hand seems to only be happiest when stirring up drama and breaking out her Bronx Rician ghetto outburst.  Now that she's found her next meal ticket in the form of Mr. Ochoinco maybe she chill and "try a little tenderness". 

Fantasia Barrino: Grammy Boycott Over Aretha Franklin Tribute Snub

Ms. Tasia Barrino, please get over yourself and get your a** to work putting on your big girl panties. You have got to be a manager’s nightmare if this is how you make business decisions. You are blessed to have work yet to do hence the Mahalia Jackson project but you allow such childish emotions keep you from accepting such an honored award in person. In Florida Evan's voice "DAMN, DAMN, DAMN".

Aretha Franklin: Losing Weight, Giving Up Pigs' Feet For Diet

Mrs. Franklin, wow, I know the black community has an interestin­g history with the pig throw away parts diet but count yourself blessed to still be here if this has been your diet of choice for years. Good for you on turning a "new leaf" and keep up the good work. R.E.S.P.E.­C.T.