Thursday, April 8, 2010

Virginia: Whereas Your Governor Is a Moron...

This guy's confederacy foolishness highlights perfectly what's wrong with the "right". In the "right's" mind there's absolutely nothing wrong with Governor McDonnell's ignorant attempt to re-write history. It's disrespectful, classless and clueless of the "status quo" needy GOP. This McDonnell blunder not only demonstrates how stupid he is but also how insensitive/uninformed his party is to what's driving the heart of this country. Is there not one "angry white guy" in this bunch of monkeys with enough political savvy to review this speech and say you can't do this and ignore "the elephant in the room", slavery. WOW, how stupid and the Tea Party nitwits are marching to this beat that makes no sense.
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Glenn Beck Earned $32 Million In 2009

Find and follow the money and you'll find the heart of the rhetoric of blow hards like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. He and the lot are padding there pockets by feeding their "brand" of ignorance to "Joe Plumbers" everywhere. Although some might argue these lame white guys are evil but keep in mind that you'll find a few on the left doing the same for the sake of big money in the pockets. Live in the middle and leave the alone.
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