Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"5 Charged In Gang Rape Of 7-Year-Old Girl Sold By Sister"

The horror of the issues surrounding this incident are almost too numerous to count. Firstly the parenting of our children in the community (not just Trenton), the mentality of our youth (our young queens/kings trading their bodys and devaluing one another) and worshipping the idol of money. The black community has got to step it up and mobilize around addressing the lies we like to tell ourselves about how we don't needi help. We need help and I'm not talking legislation of Obama programs. We need a spritual revolution of honesty. We must first start with doing the hard work of dealing with our demons head on with a zero tolerance policy for cover ups and lies. We've got to get away from this ideal that these images we accept in the name of entertainment (money,cars, clothes and hoes) are being properly processed by our under educated mis managed youth. These incidents are happening on our watch and to the children of our future. How can the Barrack Obama of 2035 come from this rubble of moral bankruptcy?
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Homework and Bridal Magazines: A Snapshot of Young Marriage at Iowa State

This I suspect is the early process where young woman yield many of their life's options to a man for the prospects of marriage. This is done often in the South out of family and religious pressures to do what's expected. This practice tends to breed resentment later once young marriages are desolved in family courts.
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